Extends Regular Weekday Hours

Advanced Womens Health Center, Inc. is proud to officially announce that they now take appointments from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday. By offering extended hours, more women can be seen by one of the leading obgyn in Bakersfield physicians.

Looking and searching for obgyn Bakersfield online will often bring people to the center that boasts two of the top womens health care physicians in the area. Both Dr. Jason Helliwell and Dr. Siniva Kaneen bring over 20 years of combined experience to provide quality care. They both agreed upon extending the hours women can schedule an appointment. This helps out those who work full-time by giving them an extra hour when compared to the standard 9-5 workday.

Additional talks include the possibility of extending hours once again, or even opening up on Saturday. For now, the amount of clientele they have will determine when or if the hours will be extended in the future. New patients are encouraged to take a look around the website as well, or even apply and schedule a free doctor consultation with either Helliwell or Kaneen.

To learn more about the company, or to begin scheduling an appointment today, open site in new window by clicking here


Advanced Womens Health Center is dedicated to providing the highest level of comprehensive medical care for all the women in the Bakersfield area. Led by Dr. Jason Helliwell and Dr. Siniva Kaneen, the center provides a full range of healthcare services for women, regardless of their current stage in life.

Advanced Women’s Health Center

Jason Helliwell

(661) – 835 – 6818

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Q&A With Dr. Jason. Helliwell

What procedure do you perform most often? What is your favorite procedure? Why?

A: I like to perform all surgeries, particularly cosmetic surgeries and mostly breast augmentation, and breast lifts because I love it when I can help people achieve their aesthetic  goals and feel better about how they look .

I love it when patients refer me their friends and family  because it lets me know that they love their results and felt very comfortable with me and my staff and facility, and that they want their friends and family to have the same experience.

What is your professional philosophy?

A: My professional philosophy is the basically summed up in our original mission statement -which hasn’t changed since I founded Advanced Women’s Health Center in 2005.


” Advanced and personal medical and aesthetic care in a day spa atmosphere”


There are a lot of doctors out there – what makes you different?

A. What makes us different at Advanced Women’s Health Center compared to other doctors offices is that we go the extra mile to insure our patients have access to the latest, most high quality equipment and technology, have a wide variety of procedures to provide for the needs, in a very personalized atmosphere ( doctors and staff all know who you are)-all with a affordable prices.


Describe your ideal patient.

A. The ideal patient to us is one that takes care of herself , does not smoke, eats a healthy diet , is not grossly over weight but really does not feel good about how she looks, either about her breasts or abdomen, or other area of the body -and I help her achieve her goals in a minimal invasive procedure , and she comes back “a new women” and over thrilled with her results and can’t help but tell everyone.

Jason Helliwell

Hi. Welcome to the blog of Dr. Jason Helliwell.

Dr. Helliwell always wanted to start his own private practice where he could provide superior care to his patients. With this goal in mind, he opened Bakersfield’s Advanced Women’s Health Center which offers a variety of services. Dr. Jason Helliwell is a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. His wife, Siniva, is also an OB/GYN doctor at Advanced Women’s Health Center.

Come back later on his thoughts on medicine today.